Bison Process

Industries the system is applied in:

Bison Process is comprehensively geared to customer needs. The result is a standardised business software package based on the latest technology that raises the bar with regard to process orientation, functionality, versatility and security of investment.

Bison Process succeeds because it adapts quickly and easily to changes in intracompany or intercompany processes. With Bison Process, you have a business software package that adapts dynamically to your business and is fully upgradeable, thus meeting all requirements for long-term use. Continuous renewal of the software keeps total costs significantly lower than comparable products. The Bison Process renewals are 100% release-based.

Bison Process at a glance

  • Complete transparency: transparent processes and real-time data to enable informed decisions;
  • Customised processes: custom configuration and continuous process adaptation;
  • Full flexibility: free scalability of software while maintaining system independence;
  • Unlimited mobility: full software availability regardless of time and place;
  • True partnership: quick and cost-efficient integration of systems for customers and suppliers;
  • Continuous renewal: security of investment thanks to full release capability.

Projects and developments

Darout experts perform the following projects in collaboration with customer specialists:

  • Project Management tool – subsystem for management of routine processes in organization; provides convenient tools for entering of tasks of different complexity, planning of tasks for resources, tasks progress controlling.
  • MPC – subsystem that automates all processes related to production in different business areas such as resource planning, production cost and time optimization, etc.
  • Gasoline stations automation – subsystem that automates business processes of gasoline stations network including different modes of purchase and sales of fuel, credit card processing, supplementary goods support.
  • Core: Reporting – Framework that provides possibilities of business reports creating via different known report engine providers (Crystal Report, JReport).
  • QA automation support – Creating of scripts with target of 100% coverage of all business functionality of ERP system.


Bison Technology

Bison Technology

BISON Group is a Swiss software company, however some software projects are developed beyond the bounds of the company. Darout Service Ltd. won an open tender of business applications development on the basis of ERP-platform announced by the BISON Group. In 2005 leading experts of Darout Service started working at this project.

Bison Technology is geared to the development of comprehensive standard solutions, taking the specific parameters of your software business into account and optimally fulfilling the requirements of your solution architects and developers.


The cooperation with Bison AG began in October 2005 with a project defined by the Bison management as a test object with five people with the development of the requirement management instrument as a business module in Bison Process (known as Pegasos). The first experience in the areas of communication between Bison and Darout, the V-model integration, training and general cooperation between two companies was made during this pilot project.

After a year of cooperation Bison team was extended to 15 employees by Darout mainly for development of business application modules based on the successful test project. The partnership relations between the companies were deepened and the cooperation was improved.

The cooperation between the companies has been and is continuously being expanded, deepened and improved. At present more than 30 of our specialists are working in different areas of the project development.

Darout is grateful and proud of a good over six-year cooperation, possibilities active to participate in interesting and important projects such as MPC, Landi, Agrola, KönigStahl e.c. and is looking forward to other interesting tasks, challenges and responsibility also with Scrum development model. is one of the leading hotel booking platforms consisting of more than 145'000 hotels worldwide. Unlike other hotel booking sites, is searching the entire internet for the lowest prices within seconds. Supported by the most innovative satellite mapping system the user can easily spot the hotel’s location on a 3-dimensional scope. Additionally offers an international flight and car rental booking engine featuring the best deals worldwide.

St.Petersburg Our ofice Going to lunch Workplace

We was impressed how fast they understood what kind of website and design was needed to meet our business goals. We additionally appreciated their professional service level, their ongoing information flow and most importantly the results they have delivered. Bottom line: Great job!

Daniel Vogel


Multifunctional web-site

Collaboration with AG was started in 2001. Complete packages of services such as software development, IT-consulting, ITsupport were rendered within the scope of the project. A multifunctional web-site based on a consolidated model was created during the work. This model allows to become information on hotel prices, as well as to sort out services from several reservation systems on-line. consolidated model

Large volumes of unprocessed information are transformed to the common data base. It allows to integrate information from different remote sources and give a user the most interesting available opportunity.

Data management

A multifunctional system of a web-site management (back-office) assures functioning of the main web-site directions: customer management, partner management, reservation management and hotel management.


New web site is based on OpenTravel API which provides a framework where all companies in the electronic distribution supply chain can work together toward the common goal of creating an accepted structure for electronic transmissions using XML messaging. This enables suppliers and distributors to speak the same interoperability language, trading partner to trading partner. is an online travel portal featuring the whole travel world at best price: low cost carriers, regular flights, grey market flights, charter flights, wellness hotels, business hotels, city hotels, resort hotels, short breaks, city breaks lastminute and package offers, car rentals, cruises and vacation homes.



Our hotel segment consists of a worldwide collection of 145.000 hotels for primarily leisure and business purposes. We also offer more than 2 million flights connections including charters, greymarket prices, regular flights and webfares. With one click you get the best rental cars deal throughout the entire web. Through our cruise booking engine you can find all reputed cruises worldwide at best pricing. Our packages and lastminute deals to anywhere in the world being selected from multiple tour operators can be booked at highest convenience. No matter what you are looking for we find you the best deals within each travel segment, all online bookable with immediate confirmation. Why browsing the web for hours to eventually find the right travel deal: check out and you conveniently find it all through one platform and always at best rate.

Cash & Carry

METRO Cash & Carry is the international leader in self-service wholesale operating across Europe and in some countries of Asia and Northern Africa. It is the largest sales division of the German trade and retail giant METRO AG. METRO Cash & Carry is different from large retail chains such as Billa and Carrefour in that its stores are primarily targeted towards professional customers rather than end consumers. The cash-and-carry concept is based around self-service and bulk buying. To be able to shop at METRO customers need to be duly registered and be issued a card which shows that they are eligible to buy at METRO Cash & Carry. METRO Cash & Carry’s customers include retailers, hotels, restaurants, caterers and other business professionals.

Metro C&C

Darout specialists carry out projects in the area of web-based CRM solutions. In spring 2003 «Darout Service» company rendered «METRO cash & carry» assistance during development of System of Internet goods delivery registration and provided IT-consulting services. Application of this System allowed to reduce expenses for maintenance, delivery coordination of «METRO Cash & Carry» logistics department. Currently developed System successfully performs goods delivery registration in «METRO Cash & Carry» of several countries.


DB Schenker provides complex transport and logistics services in the units Rail and Logistics and all that from a single source.

As a company specializing in land transport on road and rail within Europe, Schenker network of regularly scheduled routes connects the principal economic regions in over thirty European countries. Schenker is just as qualified in providing solutions for air and ocean freight and associated logistics services on a global scale. Schenker integrated logistics centers located at the hubs of the global flow of goods create an effective link between all carriers allowing us to offer a broad range of added-value services.

In March 2005 the System of Internet goods delivery registration was expanded for a forwarding company «Schenker» Moscow. As a consequence it was modified subject to a specific character of «Schenker» activity. The system of Internet registration serves as a logistic program, consigned for scheduling, supplies distribution as well as preparation of necessary documentation. Currently «Darout Service» transforms machinery and hypertext presentation, as well as provides technical support of the System.

In October 2005 the «Darout Service» company started collaboration with the Ukrainian department of «Schenker» – «Schenker Kiev».


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